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An Agency Is Only As Good As
Its Worst Vendor

We offer advertising agencies and marketing departments access to highly skilled vendors that can assist with Creative, Graphics, Video, Web, Digital, Print, Promo, Public Relations and Media Buying and Planning.

Our BluHorn team will help you identify your need and connect you with a trusted vendor. Our team at BluHorn is even available to present to your client as an extension of your team to help you close more business.

Have you got a large media buy that you don’t have time to fulfill or has your only media buyer taken a vacation? With an entire team of experienced media planners and media buyers on staff, we can work together with you to put together a one-time buy or an annual campaign to best suit your client’s needs.

BluHorn® trained buyers become a white labeled contract agent of your business and will work with you to research, plan and negotiate a media buy across any and all channels. Using your BluHorn® account, the client- approved buys are entered in to your account and placed with the medias for your creative direction.

BluHorn® Marketplace membership allows you to work like a full service buying agency without requiring a full time employee on staff.


BluHorn® Marketplace provides [email protected] agency users with a single source of quality marketing and advertising services at affordable rates, allowing them to resell to their clients while making a margin.

BluHorn® Marketplace Partners allows agencies to be confident in adding services to the marketing mix presented to their clients. Knowing that we are all as good as our worst vendor, BluHorn® thoroughly vets our Marketplace Partners in order to give the end user a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Peace Of Mind With A Guarantee

BluHorn® gives our partners an absence of mental stress or anxiety over vendor management and fulfillment. No need to feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed on the all of the moving parts in being able to provide your client’s a full service marketing approach. We have identified the pain points that cause worry, stress and fear and created a process to make sure that our partners can have the confidence that any marketing services from the design of a business card to a social media campaign are delivered in a final form that they and their customers will be happy with.

Media Buying And Planning Assistance

Being a media buyer not only takes skills and relationships, but the process can be time consuming. BluHorn® Marketplace provides our partners with access to highly trained traditional and digital media specialists that have experience is Radio, Print, OOH, Digital, Cable, Network and almost any type of media available. Our Media Buying Team includes over 50 experts to carefully analyze your client’s needs, their competitive position and marketing objectives and goals and provide the game plan to deliver the message.

Our planners will Outline the goals, work with you to determine your target market, take the message that was created, execute the plan and use our tools to allow you to monitor results.


BluHorn® Marketplace provides a smorgasbord marketing services with a streamlined process. We love logistics and the fulfillment challenges. It is what we do everyday for agency partners large and small. Whether a simple design to bringing together the pieces of a dozen channels, BluHorn® Marketplace will connect the dots to allow your to successfully launch a marketing campaign. Let BluHorn® Marketplace strengthen the marketing process and handle fulfillment for your firm.

Take Back Your Time

Just the thought of managing dozens of vendors strikes fear in the minds of small agency owners. One of the biggest time-sucks with your vendor management. After all, you are managing timelines of multiple vendors to bring together all of the moving parts to make your campaign effective. The BluHorn Marketplace allows you to take back your time and ease your mind.

The Advantage of The BluHorn Marketplace

The BluHorn Marketplace allows small agencies the opportunity to be a Full Service Firm without the staffing and headaches. We provide a suite of services that allows you to provide a marketing mix to your clients, increasing their visibility and results.

Many agencies are afraid to offer services to their clients because they aren’t familiar with the newest trends or worried about trying something new. Our accounts services team can provide you with recommendations on the proper mix of services to offer your clients.

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Take Back Your Time

Enable and start selling new digital products the same day—no RFPs or technical integrations required. Plus, instantly access the sales and marketing materials you need to get the ball rolling.

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Diversified product offering

Discover and easily package all of the digital products you need to sell. Including the most popular and profitable marketing solutions that every local business needs. Plus, create your own products and services and make them a part of your Marketplace.

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Lower churn by giving your customers meaningful reasons why they should stick with you, month after month. Act as a full service firm by bringing the right resources to your clients to maximize the effectiveness of their campaign.

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No cost until you sell

Go fishing for business as much as you want. BluHorn Marketplace provides you the tackle and recommends which bait to you. Once the fish is on the line, we will provide you the crew to help you reel it in.

The BluHorn Marketplace Service Categories

At the heart of our marketing solutions is our integrated marketplace that connects with BluHorn Media Buying and Planning Software. This helps Marketing teams across all industries manage and distribute branded marketing collateral, digital assets, event materials, and promotional items. Whether creating creative and branding materials to social media and SEO, The BluHorn Marketplace offers access to white labeled robust tools to make your campaigns most effective.

Our team of dedicated Agency Success representatives will help you select and create the right mix of offerings through our Clients Assessment process. Our team will also guide you to the perfect event materials or promotional items to engage your customers and drive campaign success.

Public Relations Marketplace Hp

Public Relations

Agencies and individuals that come to BluHorn® for a media buying software often have clients with further public relations needs. These clients are forced to go elsewhere when our users don’t have these abilities in house. With the BluHorn® Marketplace, we give our clients the power to act as a full service marketing firm.

Graphic Design And Creative Services

Creative Services

Agencies and individuals that come to BluHorn® Marketplace for creative services use our team to help creative a vision with engaging content and trackable success. We’re focused on bringing your brand’s vision to life with work that’s as beautiful as it is effective. We help to create marketing collateral based on a thorough understanding of your client’s objectives and a drive to deliver work that exceeds expectations.

Web Services

Web Services

Your  client’s website is one of the main ways for them to communicate with their potential customers. Whether they need a corporate website, or whether they are selling your products directly online, we will build an adapted and scalable solution to fit your vision and ambitions.

Our team can also build a complete web application, including the latest technology available. We work with your team to provide the solution that best fits the needs your client is trying to accomplish with the functionality necessary to compete.


Digital Marketing Services

Digital Services

Help your clients to maximize their marketing dollar and beat the competition. Whether it is a social media strategy and execution or a lead generation campaign, the right tool is available inside the BluHorn Marketplace. We give you the ability to purchase white labeled digital services including link building, SEO, Social Media, SEM, Listings and Reputation management.