Corporate Video Script Writing

Writing Script

Our creative writing team can produce a two-minute corporate video script for you to use. Each additional minute costs $500.

What is a Corporate Video Script?

Corporate videos are always the best way to explain and showcase your company to a potential customer. These videos will need a detailed script to follow to ensure the message is properly and accurately presented.

Our team will draft a script for your corporate video that will perfectly convey the idea your are trying to present.

How It Works


Purchase our script writing service and fill out a form telling us about your business and what you want the video to convey.


Our writers will create a detailed script that should allow any director to follow and produce the desired corporate video.


We provide you with a polished, professional video script that includes every detail you wanted to highlight in the video.

Video Script Writing Packages & Pricing

Our pricing is simple. Select the services you need, and we’ll get started on your custom plan!